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Seenroot – Together

신현희와김루트 (Seenroot) – 같이 같이 (Together) Lyrics Release Date : 2017.08.21 Genre : Folk Language : Korean Hangul 나는 걷는 걸 좋아해 오래 걷는 건

Seenroot – Soon Enough

신현희와김루트 (Seenroot) – 언젠가 (애니메이션 `런닝맨` 엔딩곡) Soon Enough Lyrics Release Date : 2017.08.16 Genre : Animation Language : Korean Hangul 언젠가 알게 될 거야

Seenroot – Why You?

신현희와김루트 Seenroot – 너는 왜 Lyrics Suspicious Partner OST Part 1 Release Date: 2017.05.10 Genre: OST Language: Korean Hangul 이게 뭐야 이게 하필 오늘 이야

Seenroot – Roller Coaster

신현희와김루트 (Seenroot) – 롤러코스터 (Roller Coaster) Lyrics Chief Kim OST Part 5 Release Date: 2017.03.10 Genre: OST Language: Korean Hangul 시간 시간 시간 시간이 돌아가네


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