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ITZY – Wannabe (English Ver.)

있지 (ITZY) – Wannabe (English Ver.) Lyrics ITZY – Wannabe (English Ver.) English You’re nagging non-stop But I’m my own boss Gotta let me work

ITZY – Not Shy

있지 (ITZY) – Not Shy Lyrics ITZY – Not Shy Romanization Not shy not me ITZY nan da wonhae dada yeah Not shy not me

ITZY – Don’t Give A What

있지 (ITZY) – Don’t Give A What Lyrics ITZY – Don’t Give A What Romanization Don’t give a what I don’t give a what Don’t

ITZY – Wannabe

있지 (ITZY) – Wannabe Lyrics Romanization jansorineun Stop it araseo halge naega mwoga doedeun naega araseo hal tenikka jom I do what I wanna pyeongbeomhage

ITZY – That’s A No No

있지 (ITZY) – That’s A No No Lyrics Romanization taesaengi geurae nan heungi neomchyeo yeorilgop sarinde mwo geuraebwassja noneura bappa millin nae dapjang Well made


ITZY – Cherry

있지 (ITZY) Cherry Lyrics Romanization Leggo nal geunyang nwadwo sunjinhan Angelbodan Devil bwadwo ttokbaro bwadwo mal an deutneun ae geuge narago da nareul wihae haneun


있지 (ITZY) ICY Lyrics Romanization Hey hey hey yass whoo Beep beep Hey hey hey hey hey hey I see that I’m icy Go rising


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