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Oohyo – A Good Day

우효 (Oohyo) – A Good Day Lyrics
Release Date: 2017.05.30
Genre: Rock
Language: English

Singing every day every night
every dream
Looking like a ghost waiting
for a small retreat
Scratch that you really want
that kind of life

People watching on a bench
somewhere out of town
Kicking back the soccer balls
for the little guys
Hey missy
lets get some time out
for you now

I ain’t got the guts
got the strength got the time
That’s all u gotta say to love
that has just arrived
No one’s stopping
you any way any how
There’s always something more
something else something left
To consume to the best
of your interest
Life’s long everlasting
in the end
When it’s only about you

While the world clings to
what’s new
Newest way to think
Newest way to love
Newest way to see yourself
I cry in the middle of the night
I slowly drift away
Hidin’ my face
From the shadow of the shame
Looming over everything
that ever was
Meant to be loved

Softening my voice
Never looking in the eye
I walk away from all
that promises a good time
A good day a good life
that’s all they want
It’s in the air we breathe
everything that hurts us
I tiptoe pass the ghosts
that keep on telling us
life’s long everlasting
in the end
And it’s only about you