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Peter Han – Broken Apart

English So much you promised and nothing you kept I know you keep saying that youre tryin your best I tried to move one Still tryna forgive keep going on and you...

Taeyeon – The Magic of Christmas Time

English Tonight while the world is sleeping And all of the children are dreaming Snowflakes will softly be bringing The Magic of Christmas Time Red cotton stockings all lined up Tinsel and...

The Barberettes – The Water is Wide

English The water is wide I can't cross over And neither have the wings to fly Give me a boat that can carry two And both shall row...

The Barberettes – Next to You (Eng Ver.)

English When I feel down And the world is not mine There's no one around And life is hard The only place in my mind That's where I wanna be Next...

Roy Kim – Egoist (English Ver.)

로이킴 (Roy Kim) - 이기주의보 (English Ver.) Lyrics Release Date : 2017.07.03 Genre: Ballad Language: English Oh baby you can name it all you want Whatever you call it you're just...

Tritops – all4one

트리탑스 (Tritops) - all4one Lyrics Release Date: 2017.06.02 Genre: Ballad Language: English tonight i don't wanna be alone and a thought just crossed my mind that you might be the...

no reply – Beautiful

노리플라이 (no reply) - Beautiful Lyrics Release Date : 2017.03.29 Genre: Ballad Language: English

Song Ji Eun – Tell Me (Eng Ver.)

송지은 (Song Ji Eun) - Tell Me (Eng Ver.) Lyrics Release Date: 2017.03.28 Genre: Ballad Language: English





밀릭 (millic) - PARADISE (Feat. FANXYCHILD) Lyrics Release Date: 2017.07.10 Genre: Electronica Language: KoreanHangul Yeah I’m Still Awake 잠에 들 이유를 찾지 못해 아직 깨어 있네 뒤척대 눈 감으면 오만가지 상상이 개입돼서 몽상가에게...

DEAN – instagram

Hangul 내일이 올 걸 아는데 난 핸드폰을 놓지 못해 잠은 올 생각이 없대 yeah 다시 인스타그램 인스타그램 하네 잘 난 사람 많고 많지 누군 어디를 놀러 갔다지 좋아요는 안 눌렀어 나만 이런...


TFBOYS - 加油!AMIGO (Jia You ! AMIGO) Lyrics Release Date: 2017.07.03 Genre: OST Language: MandarinChinese合: 1 2 3 AMIGO 4 5 6 加油 加油

LAY – Pray

张艺兴 Zhang Yixing - 祈愿 Qi Yuan Lyrics Operation Love Ost Release Date: 2017.05.01 Genre: OST Language: Mandarin

Kris (Wu Yi Fan) – 6

吴亦凡 (Wu Yi Fan) – 6 Lyrics Release Date : 2017.07.25 Genre : Pop Language : MandarinChinese World wide tour yayayaya yaya 看什么 6 你和我 走一波 兄弟 义气我们的 crew 不太讲道理 Only...